The World of Avalon - 9 unique RPG classes, guilds, and cities

All new Avalonians are born into one of four cities - Mercinae, Thakria, Parrius or Silverfalls - and choose one of nine unique RPG classes taught by one or more guilds with their own unique history. They must complete an online RPG intro novicehood to gain knowledge how to play Avalon (can be accelerated if you know text based game worlds already; Avalon has 25 years of continuity alone). After novicehood the graduate may sample ALL professions in the roleplaying game world (for up to two hours) and then comes apprenticeship - the choice of guild, profession and future career. And then? Avalon life begins. Seek a divine patron, rise in power and influence; be a fighter or a farmer, a trader or an assasin, an explorer or a politician, a creator of artifacts or the master of demon hordes, gather wealth, rank, reputation. The possibilities are boundless. Avalon is the only online roleplaying game where a player with strength of purpose, quality roleplay and enough intelligence and fortitude can literally make history and change the world forever...



Mercinae is the "good" city. Its founding ideals are all about Justice and Light and Altruism and fighting those who would seek to murder, or spread evil and darkness. Mercinae exists to protect the weak from the strong wheresoever it may be required. Mercinae is a city of peace over war, of striving to make all Avalonians live in a just and illuminated state of fellowship.


And when all the words are spoken and the battles fought, one breed stands victorious time and time again, leaving the battlefield, borne by mighty winged demon thralls summoned by Sorcery and leaving only the unforgettable scent of brimstone and treacle in the air. Thakria, founded by the first wielders of the dark arts, has been from the beginning the beating heart of Avalon. It has bred more ordained mortals than any other city. Its people have won more battles, more individual challenges and wrested riches to the Thakrian coffers than any of the rival states. Heroism and greatness are expectations rather than aspirations and 'neath the flag of the crescent moon is a power and solidarity that binds a society together deep, behind the formidable walls of obsidian that encircle the City of Miracles.


In a world split between good and evil, light and dark, the stark choice between Mercinaen or Thakrian ideals the creation of Parrius filled a clear need - somewhere for those who believed in the individual as shades of good and evil, for those whose did not want to be tied to Light or Dark but instead believed in the three timeless ideals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. In Parrius all Parrians would be free. In Parrius all Parrians would be equal. In Parrius all Parrians would be brothers and sisters - and therein lies the rub, for the pirate does not suffer his brother to go into any fight alone.


Risen from the ashes of Springdale's destruction by Thakria, it remains built by the will of Andromeda and the toil of her followers at the time. It was to be a city for the dreamer, for the individual unfettered and often uninterested in such concepts as Good and Evil and Freedom - because all who dream are unchained and dreams cannot be defined by Light or Dark.

The Guilds and Professional RPG Classes

The Knight Professional Class

The Knight is a physical combatant. He or she is concerned with the study of physical prowess (weapons, melee, swordplay, endurance) rather than over the airy magical realms. Consider the Knight profession if you are fast, quick-witted or aggressive, but keen to keep simple and effective. They are strong in combat both offensively and defensively though rely on good maintenance of weapons, armour and equipment.

The Mage Professional Class

The Mage is the most traditional of magic users. He learns the potent skills of charming and magical rituals, in addition to a healthy mix of musical, spiritual and herbalist abilities. The Mage profession encourages good planning and methodical preparation. It is one of the strongest defensive professions, even against many foes, but good attack is an art few master.

The Sorcerer Professional Class

Those who choose to follow the profession of the Sorcerer are making a powerful, life-long choice. They are choosing personal ambition, domination of others, strength through aggressive destruction of their enemies. Confrontation is the ideal for a Sorcerer, the profession favours the aggressive. It is potent in attack and agile in defence.

The Thief Professional Class

The Thief is perhaps the most mysterious of the professions since it encompasses many branches of specialisation, from the assassin to the stealthy burglar. Thieves are unsurpassed at lurking about unseen, sliding out of view, away into the shadows. The Thief profession favours indirect combat, well-planned attacks and nimble-footed flight in defence.

The Ranger Professional Class

Rangers are sturdy, physically tough, rural folk. They make their home often outside the large cities (e.g. in the Greenwood forest) and live off the land. Rangers are skilled in the arts of herbalism, archery, forestry, herbs and poisons. They fight and move best within the forests or the wilderness, a good all-round guild, fairly self-sufficient and capable in combat and subterfuge.

The Seer Professional Class

Seers are a rather unique profession. Their power is drawn directly from the stars, and they operate mostly from a distance - from within darkened rooms using brightly flashing seeing-stones, affecting friend and foe from afar. Seers are trained in the arts of farsight through seeing stones, mysticism, fatalist curses and a smattering of stealth. The Seer profession favours patient planning, distant execution and methodical defence. It is able to have an effect from afar, from relative safety, dipping into the melee only when unavoidable.

The Loremaster Professional Class

Those who choose to become a Loremaster tend to be the creators, the makers and the practical folk. The profession learns the skills of forging armour and weapons, of creating magical items, of fashioning runes of power, and of mixing up elixirs of enchantment. The Loremaster tends to attract the more peaceful individual. Their skills in battle are strongly defence, more an invaluable supplier profession than a direct combatant.

The Animist Professional Class

The Druids and Animists are alone among the Avalon professions in that they shun violence utterly. They embrace the pacifist, altruistic teachings of the god of life. The Druid profession attracts those who do not wish to be embroiled in the hurly burly of combat or competitive conflict. Within the forest the Animist is virtually inviolate, often both protected and aloof.

The Bard Professional Class

The Bard is an enigmatic character, skilled in the arts of songs, story-telling, dramatics and music. Bards are powerful public speakers, and have the ability to command an audience to action with the power of their word, song and deed. The Bard profession is effective both offensively and defensively, though it requires great timing, co-ordinations of skills and devious planning. It is a profession with great potential that few master.


Mercinae's Academy

The oldest academy of all, the Mercinean Academy is where many of the finest players have begun their mortal lives.

Thakria's Institute

Many of those players of a more evil, self-centred or self-reliant disposition have begun their lives in this fine learning academy, the pride of the City of Miracles.

Parrius' College

A more recent construction is Parrius' fine College, where many of the more individualist and free-thinking were first educated and cared for.

Silverfalls Orphanage

The newest of all the academies, many of the youngest and upcoming players have been educated at the Orphanage of Silverfalls.


This section contains a list of the assembled maps and location guides available for the Avalon player. Some of these are fairly large and will take a while to download, so be patient. The accuracy of the maps can be taken as almost certain, though natural disaster or divine whim may periodically change the lay of the land.

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