The Institute of Thakria

All newly born adventurers in Avalon begin life with only an insubstantial taste of the skills which they might one day learn. The Academies are charitable institutions set up by city councils that invite all novices to join so that they may be trained in a few more of the basic adventuring skills.

The Thakrian Institute is situated just north from the northeastern end of Victory Road, which runs along the northwestern side of the Central Park.


Before you can progress to a fully-fledged guild you must have graduated from your city's Institute. This means that you must acquire a level of competency sufficient to warrant your progression to a more specialised guild.

The Institute will teach you much about the game, your character and about the city of your birth, Thakria - City of Miracles.


Upon joining the Institute, you will gain five skills in addition to your five basic newborn skills. These skills are necessary to ensure the protection of your character, and provide some advanced abilities.

Swordplay: This is used during combat to determine how effective you are at melee combat using a weapon.
Riding:It deals with your ability to ride animals, to spur animals in battle, to lead animals about, and general your ability to master a dumb animal in day-to-day situations.
Survival:This is a general ability, dealing with your ability at various outdoor or physical pursuits.
Itemlore:Your ability to assess items of their inherent worth, weight and assorted properties.
Throwing:This is both a combat and a dexterity skill. It deals with your accuracy and ability to throw objects or weapons around.

Pandion, The Head Tutor

Pandion - a wily character, middle-aged but greying. His love of Thakria stems from a respect for its moral freedom.

Locations in the Institute: Entrance hall, Great Hall, combat chambers, a library, student quarters and an atrium.


Eight novice quests (known as accolades) must be completed in order to graduate from the Academy. These help you learn basic movement, and character progression through quests, lessons and exploration. The individual accolades are as follows:

AccoladeDescription of requirement
PathfinderSeek the village of North Ogg.
AdventurerRetrieve an artifact from a quest to prove your worth.
QuickTo find and retrieve a colourful poster from the forest.
LeaderLead a dwarf to the gate of Thaumacie.
TrustworthyYou must deliver a note to Iorwenn, the kinswoman, in Eleusis.
Spiritual EyeLocate a temple of a God, and kneel in their presence.
BraveFind the house of the bandits, and spit in the face of Jaskar, chief bandit.
LearnedYou must find the ruined library of Ilmarael and study there.

Words of Pandion, Master of the Thakrian Institute:
I have no time for the meek or faint-hearted. If you wish to join an institution that will encourage your self-reliance and individiualism, come to Thakria and find me. I will show you the road.