Azrili fields treaty.

Archanimist Elanna, Light of Compassionto Everyone

> After diligent investigation, the mystery of which baron from Mercinae signed the agreement giving exclusive use of the Azrilli fields to the Animist guild has been solved. My deputy guildmaster, and former Animist GM, Katie, has a clear recollection of the event, having been in the land at the time.

Back in 1184, when the treaty was signed, the crowns of the four cities were Narissa, Fistandantilus, Eloire and Fizzy, and Zilveren was the GM of the Animist guild. The idea for the treaty came about when the issue arose of Animists being attacked during their attempts to harvest guild crops. The treaty giving the Animist guild exclusive use of the Azrili fields was the result, and it was agreed to and signed, quite willingly, by the crowns of all four cities.

Hence, the treaty is valid and true, as posted by Lord Malhavok. If any individual is in need of a few fields for PERSONAL or GUILD use, please message either me, as GM or the DGMs, Katie or Mestopholies. If we are not utilizing all of the fields, we will be open to sharing some of them,

Elanna, Animist guildmistress

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1214.