A clarification: Thakria, having little concern beyond what power, force and individual will chooses to pursue and accomplish was the architect of the Animist's plans for such a \"treaty\". I would read little into it, as we merely agreed that yes, the Animists have staked their claim on Azrili, and, yes, any who harvest with that publicly stated risk blacklisting.

Again, to reiterate: The only provisions of said \"treaty\" are that the Animists have publicly laid claim on the fields of Azrili. The Heads of State acknowledged that they have heard that claim. There is no agreement of land use beyond that - a claim is merely words shouted in the wind, unless forcible action backs it up.

Thakria continues to benevolently acknowledge that the Animists do, indeed, loudly claim the fields as their own - however, given that half of our citizens are blacklisted, and that was the agreed consequence for individuals who choose to harvest said fields, I suspect the ideal outcome for the peaceful forestals will not be a guaranteed thing.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 1214.