Azrili fields treaty.

Algernonto Everyone

The answer is, NO ONE in the Mecinaean barony was consulted about this treaty at any point. We were not informed of negotiations for such a treaty, not shown a draft of such a treaty, and we certainly have not approved or ratified such a treaty. No one from the animist guild, and certainly not its leadership, has been in touch with the Mercinaean counsel regarding such a treaty.

Therefore, it shall not apply to us as it currently stands, and the fruits of our labours in these common fields shall be part of our harvest. If a treaty with Mercinae is desired on this matter, please address Princess India primarily, and the other barons of Mercinae secondarily or simultaneously. The barony consists of India, Maximillian, August, Khashakin, and me.

Algernon of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 1213.