See HELP HUBS - 20-60% speed/lag improvement methods for many players.

Avalon Supportto Everyone

Avalon has set up two mini-gameservers, like evolved hubs, whose purpose

is to give everybody not on the East Coast or in the east of the MidWest

of the USA a potentially superior (i.e. faster, more reliable, less

laggy, more responsive) route to connect to the game:

Use either (Europe) and (California) in addition to (Washington DC) as the default.

When you connect to one of the Avalon gameserver hubs, from the point you

reach it you'll be channeled through our extended \"internal\" network: not

subject to the overloaded peakhours or downtime/netsplits of the ten

to twenty routers between your \"origin\" and Avalon's \"gameserver\". Instead

you'll hit Avalon's European or California hub (if you choose to use it)

and from there, route straight to the game without anything else

interfering or challenging your priority. Unless there's issues with

Avalon's ISP ( - rare - you should see a speed improvement

of between 20% and 60% depending where you are, etc.

Hubs are:

EUROHUB at (IP: WHERE: Amsterdam)

CALIHUB at (IP: WHERE: San Jose, CA)

Ports are: 23 (standard telnet) and 33, 80, 443, 8080, 8888

NOTE: we can add others on request to help folks get through any annoying firewalls!