Divine Gem Quest: the diamond.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Summary of Public BB 26198: the Divine Diamond Gem Quest will be looking

to begin immediately after the Cornelian prize-giving (type WINNERS to

see who is getting honoured). The prize-giving starts at 11pm Avalon TIME,

which is 6PM Eastern/New York, 3PM Pacific/Los Angeles, Midnight CET/Paris

timezone. Avalon clock follows London time despite none of us - I presume

- living there these days. DIAMOND GEM QUEST will not commence later than

midnight by the Avalon clock, aiming for half hour pro-active preparation

phase and then nine rounds with a five hour duration (at most).

Typing RULES from noon will show you an up-to-date rundown of the Diamond

Gem Quest format, competition region and round'n'rules lowdown. At the end

of the RULES docs will be listed half a dozen HELP <associated topic>

whose combined contents should see you in good shape re: knowing what's

going on and why, etc. The divine diamond is one of the Ordination's

most sought-after gems, with superb powers, and this gem quest will

also have eight category prizes so not only are all players welcome to

compete but all levels, skillworth and \"how rusty am I? \" questors will

have a realistic shot at winning material gain as well as the obvious

reconition and respect those - for example - listed in WINNERS should

receive at tonight's prizegiving (MC'd by Tyranis, who ran the Cornelian


My public BB (type READBB PUBLIC 26198 from within Avalon and DO try

to read the entire contents as this month is a once-in-a-decade phase in

the land's history) details the above but also explains what we've

decided to do as regards activations of new abilities, battlephase

context and the week ahead. Denouement weekend following rather than

risk overburdening the Diamond Gem Quest. I think if you look at

TEAMS and RULES and consider the spread of players in even the 48 core

team members, you'll see the reasoning for the decisions made.

Any questions: ask Genesis, or Tyranis, or your patron, or e-mail to

support@avalon-rpg.com - and if you are receiving this info by

mailshot, remember to look up the benefit available for battlephase

involvement and specifically returning historical players. They will remain

in place for another 9 days. Good luck all!

Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1312.