Commodity Cheating / Loopholes-Exploits-Fixed.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

A couple of serious commodity-creating loopholes and exploits have been

abused this year and as a consequence many have stashed very large

stockpiles in the safety deposit boxes (amongst other hideyholes).

This sort of play is tedious for all concerned. In cases of players

who've both abused this bug/exploit and not bothered to bugfile something

about it: you will be receiving a personal visit soon.

The safety deposit boxes have been wiped off the map. All banks now

begin with clean slates. Gold coins in accounts are not affected.

We are going to take a hardline with deliberate exploits/bug abuse

over this sort of thing since it's not only cheating but also

has knock-on ill effects on so many aspects of the economies and


I have taken a total snapshot of ALL safe deposit boxes and indeed

all commodity stashes (including belts, beards, safeboxes, blah). ANY

player who's lost legitimate comms need simply speak to me and you'll

receive your stockpile back with a 20-50% bonus.

Avalon's logfiles for all this sort of crap are comprehensive (even if

seldom looked over). 24 hours from now I'll be activating the

league table of exploiting wankers with extra black-marks for non

bug reporting / no attempt to alert or restrain cheating. The top

handful of commodity cheats will be given opportunity to justify

their actions and if this doesn't satisfy me (plus possibly a panel

of two or three other Gods) then these Top Exploiters will be

among the first Avalonians in history to be given the Papillion Experience.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Springflower, in the year 1323.