The Divine Diamond Gem Quest.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The GEM QUEST for the DIVINE DIAMOND will take place on the weekend of

July 14th-15th, commencing with the Cornelian prize-giving at 11pm by

Avalon TIME (6pm EST, 3PM PST). The Diamond Quest itself will be available

to all players regardless of level, with a range of prizes covering the

full spectrum of skillworth and experience.

In Avalon typing HELP DIAMOND will give you info on the divine diamond gem

itself, and typing RULES will provide up-to-date rules and gemquest

format details as well important info for prospective competitors. Keep an

eye on this in the days leading up to the weekend itself.

Returning players or any lacking vital equipment should approach the Gods and

we will consider all requests for inventory, to ensure you compete for the

Diamond in good shape. Wurtfoil rejuvenation, temporary suspension of DDW and

protection, neutralising of disfavour skill-effect, ensuring experience level

is at high watermark, etc. This and more is available for those who compete;

however well you perform.

This will mark the penultimate weekend of the \"battlephase\" (see previou

posts); type SESSIONS after the July 14th weekend for any final test and

balancing scheduling. Remember to judge your own skillset from the Diamond

Quest weekend onward only, since there will be a series of activations

July 11th to July 14th. Type UPDATES to keep an eye on public info and

details we feel able to give out about this.

Check out public bulletin board posts 26194 and 26195 for write-up of

the Cornelian gemquest and more info on the Diamond Quest and the gem's

powers respectively. Competing in this Gem Quest will be FREE for all

past players if chosen for a team or participation is arranged; look out

for the e-mail going out Thursday July 12th.

Any questions: address them to Genesis or one of the Gods within Avalon or

write directly to with your query/issue. The

Diamond Quest format contains enough of the Cornelian Battlesands to ensure

a thrilling and competitive event: worth taking time out to participate,

to gain the equivalent of months experience/improvement in the space of

as many hours. Good luck all.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Leaflost, in the year 1311.