Funny Cowardly Knight.

First let me point out you think a little too big of yourself Kes. It was Sturge and Culinane who razed Thakria little Kes just came along for the ride. Next if I am in control of Thakria or not is moot point. We are a well organized cooperative ci

ty and Thakria belongs to and is ran by each of us. I am glad my actions in aiding in rebuilding a city, making it a military threat again, gaining it some respectability in avalon and causing 2 cities to want war with us cause they are afraid of wha

t our army will do and what I will do with it.

Perhaps if ya didn't turn tail and run to the nearest barracks when you were challenged. I won't babble about honour and what not cause I have very little if any and will win at all costs.

Continue to laugh little man for I will have the last laugh and Vengance will be mine


Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 992.