Useless Thief.

Oooh am so scared plaman, let me get this correct, I jump plaman and kill him, he jumps me and dies.

Your such an idiot Plaman, haven't you heard that being at war with two cities is a certain destruction

of Thakria. What does that make you, respected or a little lost in your head.

You will be remembered Plaman for your stupied actions which has brought the city of dreams down and

will just be a dream when the ash's of your city are smouldering.

Fear, perhaps you should speak with your citizens, for being at war against two huge armies may eventually

put fear into your soul. Oooh i forgot Dictator Plaman and his ambitions means he cares little for

the citizens of Thakria.

Well whatever it takes for people to see what a complete useless person he is, even if it means

the destruction of Thakria, he cares little for the city anyway.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 992.