You pathetic excuse for a cavalier, make me shut my mouth, face me and die oh lord of cavaliers.

All that time spent in your guild and you still haven't learnt anything, perhaps Procrastion may be able

to teach you, whoops just killed and offered him again.

As for teaming, get use to it. Since you seem to think that you never team.

Arthor ooh I really am scared of you, you make me laugh. The shipping will stop one day and that day

I will divulge to all your enemies how to destroy you.

Cimares your nothing compared to me, still your mind seems to be steeped in the past where you should

have stayed. Another pathetic cavalier. Let me remind you Cimares it was I who destroyed and looted

your guild when we invaded Thakria. When all you big talking guys logged off, only Zenichiro had the guts

to stand against us and defend.

You should all cry in shame for your actions, as honour goes you had none when you weren't there when

your city and guilds fell.

And as for Dictator Dartanian, I was miss informed for now in his weak and helpless state, he is

just a puppet and a lap dog for the real power in Thakria and that is plaman, who pulls his strings

and makes us all laugh.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 992.