Brodcasting your skills.

I am sure Ithakus meant well. I do understand the frustration of repeatedly experimenting with a stucked situation, with spells or with poisons. I personnaly had tried all poisons on myself and all herbs to find the adequate antedote.

But that was kinna fun to me, tho dying a few tiems and turning into a werewolf(this the most exciting and fun part! hehe).

But I personnaly feel that it's... hmm... unwise to post a weakness you have. That not only post a danger to yourself and most important of all mage fellows. I do not know about your guild tutor but Warriors guild tutor always reminds me that

our skills should be kept \"secret\", and never let other professions know about them.

If you are really stucked and no mages can help you with it, I don't think any other (professions) mortals can. Seek divine help from your patron or guild patron. I believe that'll be a most possible source that you can find an answer.

Just a thought.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 986.