skills, et al.

Again, I did all I could to find the information I sought from my own guild

fellows. Furthermore, I spoke with a divinity or two on the matter, and neither

of them had any idea, either. What I spoke of was not a weakness, either. We

erm, read that as myself and at least one other, were experimenting with our

various skills, that is all.

I, too, have had the fun of playing with poisons and cures and what not so I

do know how difficult experimentation can be. However, when you've run into an

obstacle, why not turn to the others in the land? If they don't know either,

then there's no harm. If they do know, then they already possess the knowledge

of the skill I'm speaking about. If they don't know, provided they are fighters,

they will likely soon see it. Therefore, I saw no harm in posting the little

I did. Put in that light, what I said is as much broadcasting our skills as

saying sorcerers have demons.

Put simply, I had not found a solution to a rather complex little problem

that really holds very little combat merit and was looking for outside help.

If I recall, I didn't even ask for an answer. I just asked if anyone knew of

a way. I usually like to discover things on my own, so in essence, I was just

wondering if it was a path I should follow any longer or if I was wasting my

time. From some of the responses I've gotten outside of this board, it would

seem I was not altogether wrong to ask. *shrug*

Again, take it as you will, but if you honestly think I'd expose some key

weakness of mages here for all of Avalon to see, you are sorely mistaken. and

we all have a skill or two that we basically never use. Chalk this up as one

of those.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 986.