And other followers of the Moon.

Order of the Moon

I could care less if this earns me a disfavor or worse. The abuse of the entire order of DDW and DP is beyond ridiculous. We have DDW's who I can't rebuff holding up Icons to stop smashing. Dp people sitting who also can't be rebuffed picking up shards.

I really miss the days of pacifism for those who choose a peaceful life could live it but we have so many people now who want things both ways. They don't want to fight but they want to act in a hostile and aggressive matter.

People should make a choice. Choose to learn your skill set and fight like Zero who gave it an honest try or don't. But trying to be annoying with little risk to yourself while shielding yourself from proper attack is what your Patron's mortal spent her entire existence doing and it was disgusting.

Show a higher standard or the rest of the land suffers by your example.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1318.