Cutthroat Clarato Lightmare Caine, The Original Sin


Do you turn etells on immediately after your angry little tirades of what a \"c**t\", \"wh**e\" and \"b**ch\" i am, because you are worried i might respond using words with more than one syllable and your ickle brain might just KABOOOOOOM!!!! explode with the pressure?

Semantic satiation is where the constant repetition causes a word or phrase to lose meaning for the listener, who then processes the speech as repeated meaningless sounds. This pretty much explains what I hear when you talk now. Please try and be a little more imaginative with your insults going forward.

Also, a word of advice - if you refuse to fight well... anyone, turn the red off. You holding such a status makes a mockery of it.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Eleuthral, in the year 1323.