Very good!.


Your post was a lot of fun, spelling mistakes, and poor rhyming scheme not withstanding.

Didn't yamaraj or someone of that nature post something very similar about team lolbear 2 weeks ago though?

A lot less fun I admit but in essence the same?

Combat in Avalon is a moving target untill battleweek. This will help balance things out, frankly though restrike, if you can't fight against it, you are doing somethin wrong, restrike works in one particular situation, and that is constricted mists. That's it, and even then, it's dangerous to use. I can defeat a knight with restrike on 10/10 times.

Regardless, understand that combat will all be worked out soon, and once balance is re-obtained you and I can go back to our old win/loss ratio.

15-1? in Challenges? Frankly I'd think you'd want to keep things as they are. no? You are ontop right now for the first time in 12 years my win/loss ratio against you is negative. 0-1 I believe. I do need for you to understand one thing though, being a dangerous knight is easy, being a great knight isn't because just as you said, the one dimmensional nature of our attacks makes us easy to predict, the trick is to become unpredictable, change things up.

Oh and one last thing, with misdirection, and false direction spamming when moving. There was no way without pursuit for a knight to catch a flipper. You have trapping don't you, an arrow trap stops pursuit. Not too hard to use really. Plant barriers, Ice walls, going indoors, some other things that aren't so common knowledge. You just have to understand that things will get balanced and to have patience once all new skills are in place battleweek will work issues out.

That being said, I don't think knights are that much better on skill per skill level as compared to bears, and when i compare you and pry who are on similar levels of fighting prowess I can kill him, but not you. That counts for something no?

Respectfully yours,



Written by my hand on the 7th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.