Lazy knight complains!.

Comparing me to Pryrates. Those are fighting words. Oh wait this is the Fighters board.

Let me correct a few things. YOU can't chase flippers. You can't even figure out where I am a room away as I see you traverse to me while I'm whispering... I'm one room west of you without having misdirection up. True Discern is how you bypass misdirection. I can find Zooka without persuit. Why can't you? This may be a Dunc related issue as opposed to a knight related issue.

I say lets go to Silverfalls. You - I don't have an eagle. Ok go buy one. I don't know where the store is. Ok walk there. You - Someone get me an eagle as I'm too busy meditating in my garden waiting for someone to make theirs loyal to me because persuit as made me far too lazy to learn the layout of the land.

If Knights are not that much better on par with bears then why are all these brigands and rangers who are running around picking all the herbs and poisons struggling reach the same levels of success that they did with their jjs? Could it be that one is much easier then the other?

Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.