The story of the Lazy Knight.

Sajora, Forever of the Dawnto Everyone

Once upon a time there was a knight with a brain but everytime they full parried he would just complain.

Anything more then JJ just hurts my brain! Make it easier and easier for I wouldn't be a knight if all my attacks weren't the same.

They use shirolos and order me to JJ their malloran making me look dumb. Blank my mind and stop this attack so my reflexes can go numb!

All this thinking is making me queasy, oh powerful gods will you just please make it easy\".

They run and they flip thumbing their nose as they go. Give me persuit as my manual movement is too slow.

Scything Jab feels like far too much work. Checking their defenses is too good for this jerk! Restrike I command for hitting malloran makes me feel less of a man.

Broken legs are a pain, and bindings are a fright, so let me escape anything using only this flight.

Now all of these bards and their songs are confusing me, give me a visor so I never can see.

Ever sinse the young knight was just a mere squire he wished he could use magic and wield orbs of fire. Make me more magical he would dream of at night for stripping two defenses makes me far more mage like.

I want armour so I may never worry about my hit points. Bashing monks is so passe and puts aches in my joints.

False invulnerabity is also so key. If they knew my true health my pantaloons would be stained with thine pee.

Those evil jerks would break my arms causing my weapons to falter. Even with hook runes finding my swords is too much of a bother. I cry for defy so my arms will stay strong and give me retrieve so I won't cry when they're gone.

Now back in the day all our guilds had a trick. They had visor, trapping and animists to lick. The lazy knight however was just much too greedy for he wanted all of the skills including bard ditty.

The lazy knight would complain and complain for anything hard would drive him insane. But I'm a melee fighter would be his battle cry! If I had to use tactics I may actually die.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1307.