Really, I mean, Really.

So surprise surprise the jaded leader of team lolbear wades in with some irrelevant crap to listen to the sound of her own fucking voice box again.

Please for once just shut your face your whinging hairy tart. Boo hoo, we don't have yank, there you go little bear... Super thrust kick follow... boo hoo hoo we can't fly to upper clouds, there you go little bear, Robins... yes Robins... to carry you to the upper clouds and track people through the skies,

Boo hoo hoo, people keep killing me..... there you go little bear, here's some unstoppable increasingly unkillable trees that are basically an insta kill or an insta pin for you in forest.

Boo hoo hoo, people keep trapping me and i can't get to my bestest hubby bubby and i don't have hp summon since tyranis was a horrible goddy woddy , there you go little bear, here's a pair of rings so you can instantly travel to eachother for a good bear bumming.

Boo hoo hoo, people keep coming into my forests and i can't stop them coming after me, here you go little bear, why don't you have some dryads which are only possible to stop on a temporary basis that boot everyone out, get where i'm going with this....... get where i'm going.....


So us outside team lolbear all know what team lolbears idea of \"balancing\" is. \"The changing of the game system to give team lolbear maximum advantage over all others\"

Other wise we go boo hoo hoo.

In all honesty I don't see what me enjoying scripting and trying to play the combat side of the game in my own way has got anything to fucking do with you. You do things your way, i do them mine. The \"your such a bot\" means fuck all to me. You try and beat it, i'll adapt it, that's the way it goes. Since when did the sun shine out of your ass so much to be able to make judgements on peoples play styles. Answer, it doesn't, never has, never will.

PS. Just in retort to Dunccan the pill pill pill was in a challenge and not in a team fight you senile tit. But you do it ALLLLLL the time. So don't give me this knightly i always stand and fight crap, cause you don't. Ever!

Written by my hand on the 30th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.