What about shmee.

Vengeful Time Traveler Scorpio, Paving the Futureto Everyone

Your one to talk about a 1 trick pony. and since noone will help me, well most. elamk traded lestagii for a lessons in yodelling. yeah never figured it out, but we have many tricks, and since a new eye is lookin at old skill hopefully i will make the best of them and im teaching anyone member who wants to take the time to learn througly instead of the skims like rangers. so feel free to hit satsuki or me up if you wish to transition into a fun guild without limitations on skills or anything

aloofness on pay to play kinda thing, if you feel what im saying, no bondsman, just skill, and if your deemed worthy you will benefit. are you that man or bear? come to brigands and learn all that is nessessary to hold form in bear.

get net

net salvador

Brigands home of the tried and true. seeking newcommers and skillworthy member who whish to learn and come and go as one should


Written by my hand on the 25th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.