Why do you lie?.

Yamaraj, you ran from our challenge in mercinae to a closed room with cloy up. I had little choice but to pill out before mists made it so I couldn't true slay. This is what I mean by the win at all costs mentality.

SINCE however we are talking about boohoo's lets see if I can break down sorcs.

1) Coffin - Most annoying sorc skill by far, stoppable only by a combination of runes on the floor that is unlikely to happen in the moving flow of real avalon combat. Insta out - No penalty.

2) Increased damage reduciton to physical attack - Jab jab is a fixed percentile based attack this means it does the same damage given all circumstance to all targets with the same defences. Loremasters, seers, rangers etc. Sorcerors are the only exception, so if we DO finaly get through entourages you can just refill at a whim. We still have to deal with a 15% damage reduction.

3) Hold Breath not stopping black hand anymore- Not sure how you managed that one but there you go. With EVERY sorc (And no Dance Dawn) having the angel and new way better Greater Demons hold breath not stopping blackhand is HUGE. (how do you all manage to ever lose a fight??? Threap would have destroyed everyone in avalon easily except maybe a good bard with the skillset as it is.

4) New Constricted mist friendly entourage ordering - L O L

5) My faveorite one. Mists and all they do, Cloy, can't roll run sprint wind swing fly out of it. Can't attack the sorc in it, I tried even with a firebolt item and cleave is not really an attack that should ever kill anyone in a one on one fight. Fog sucking skills and only evil eye reducing the effects of it? Trueslay still goes away pretty damn fast. Sure we can inhale to try and avoid the effects but that's not a very good defence either.

So let us recap - No defence to your primary attack if you have the angel of death/full entourage, insta escape without penalty, insta retreat to high clouds (not stopped by sata) so a knight can't really chase you without having 15 or so balloons of course by then you have a full entourage again. Ohhhh how could I forget, Twine/Backstab timing so your target is ALWAYS off balance. (That one was a good idea).

And a mist form that renders you immune to a knight's primary attack from which you can still your primary attack and order your entourage.

Avalon Yamraj IS about learning and coping. It IS about dying and coming back better and never to stop trying to improve.

Avalon Is NOT about spewing fuck bombs on the BB, you impress no one and only show your ignorance. I would wager you will be brought to heel very soon here by your betters.

mine for target

You insult me ooc, you insult Genesis because your implications that sajora's boohoohooing has a direct impact on how Genesis determines game balance is probably THE most insulting thing I've ever heard anyone direct at the God of Time publicly.

Show some decorum Yamaraj and some professionalism. .


Written by my hand on the 4th of Midsummer, in the year 1305.