Carebear of tears and death!.

Wow one good session and you get some anti Bear form and anti everything stuff in there and your strutting around like you own the place.

Have some humility when your using only specs to fight and specs are being tweaked daily on who has what so some people will be more powerful at any given time.

I did finally have fun when your demons stopped following me on every damn flip, track wasn't as fast as pursuit, and storm wasn't setting me on fire every other second while you sat in a pent spamming your absolve button. You really couldn't do much then but sit in your own cloys and run around.

Once the game balances out the people with the brains rather then the bots usually come out on top. Find some new tricks as yours just became out dated.

All your boasting is like someone bragging about a jegga kill vs someone without an immunity potion because it doesn't exist.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.