My Delusions.

I don't hide unless I have to leave, or need a break from a team.

If you understood anything about fighting you'd understand that good fighters never have to die unless they fight back. I like playing the wasting game with teams, zooka you etc. Make ou waste your stuff, kill demons in your case (i have infinite true slays) poisons herbs and maybe get in a kill here and there. If that costs me a death i'm good with that. Because I don't believe in the \"Win at any cost mentality\" I don't believe in building a better bot. I don't believe in cowardice.

You are from the generation of the Narissa mutation, one trick ponies who use \"tactics\" (hide untill things are just so to get a quick kill on youngins or team someone they can't kill) to never die.

That's not the way of the knight, we don't get coffin, we don't get trees, we don't get sewers, we don't get high clouds, or companions, or the aether, a specialist knight can't even get divine protection, we get two swords. That's it. For me though, that's enough yamaraj. Sure you'll get kills in because I will fight in thakria against stupid odds, Death and experience are a joke to a knight. Keep hidin in your mists from me, keep hiding in this board, I'll just issue challenges when I see you, and w

atch you ignore them as you cower till your friends logon.

Every time you post, you just show what panic the rest of the mortals in your order are in. Afraid of being seared by the Light are we?

Tsk, show some decorum.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.