The Great Yamaraj, Martial Rassaphore of Deathto Everyone

Haha, whatever mate.

Simple fact, you haven't been able to kill me. Where as I've killed you.

By whatever tactics, whatever means, whether you agree with them or not I don't give a shit. I like seeing you dead.

I don't care who you compare me too in your judgement. Most of your comparisons are from when you were considered reasonable about 10 years ago.

Well guess what, the lands been massively balanced since then. 10 years of change and development.

Paradigm my ass, you run so much you make a you wear snowshoes out in a day.

Anyway, enjoy being lesser and only having the ability to big yourself up via the medium of your big fucking meat chop filled mouth.

Because stats, actual happenings in the land, and the people who rely on me and vice versa know different.

I look forward to hopefully facing you in a gem quest and watching your excuses afterwards. Until then you may see in the field of battle, you may not, you may see my full A game, most likely not. It's not needed.

But I'm sure i'll see you opening your doughnut smothered face on here more than most people care to read giving us your bullshit advice and critcism. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. Your are currently PANTS.

Anyway, i'm sure you'll reply, because that's what you do. The only time your mouth is closed is when your chewing those big fucking blocks of lard you store i your shoes.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.