Flights of Fancy.

Death counts can be pretty misleading.

Not since I figured out that if I put an Icewall to stop your bot from tracking me that you couldn't follow me one location away, have we had a challenge.

You ended up retracting that right? No I know, Can't use pills because I SHOULD fight in rits with cergaro and you and staves. Yes, Mage rits/resolve>Absolution trigger. Your fighting prowess is amazing. Just not very unique.

Got a lot of gall saying I'm old fashioned when yer the one getting MOST the kills on me in rits/staves.

Whatever makes you feel better than me I guess. It's ok I wish to promote combat in Avalon, though I'm not sure your picking on littles and hiding in teams/rits/and staves from people who kill you is truly what combat is about.

Or do you actually think you are better than me, Threap was a head WAY above you. His combos were better, he carried around one slime and no health potions just to prove the superiority of the skillset. He gave it up for some reason, so don't think you are so hot, you are not. You rank somewhere in the 10-7 range of best sorcs I ever fought.

Better than you :




Salvador as a sorc

Dartanian in his prime

In some ways Athena, not in offense but she was better at handling afflictions that trick heal bots. Grimleaf/nann/mandrake combos

I didn't really want to put you in evidence but your post demanded a reality check.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Skyelong, in the year 1305.