Me & my bola.

I rarely read this board anymore because of all the incessant bitching and moaning that goes up here. I even less often post here because well, shit happens don't it?

You have got to be the biggest hypocrite to walk these lands in a long while. How dare you cry foul after *jumping me* repeatedly and having your *UNRUNED* items taken away from you in the process? It never ceases to amaze me how utterly ridiculous people like you can be when you don't like the consequences of your actions.

It's even more absurd that you only issue challenges after you've made (and usually failed) a jump. I'm quite insulted that you think I wouldn't know about that underhanded tactic used merely to get an olvar death or two and an easy shipping. You're one to talk about prowess when you do nothing but use one of the cheapest attacks in existence just to farm experience.

As for my \"temple hiding\", when I'm there, I'm busy ([biz-ee] adj.-- Engaged in activity, as work; occupied). If you had a life, interest in helping your city/guild grow, or something other than yourself to consider you would understand what 'busy' means.

Now that I've addressed your noises, there's a very simply way to avoid me and my bola. Stay the hell away from me.

Having a big 'ol Nekkid belly-laugh,


Written by my hand on the 24th of Agamnion, in the year 1209.