You and your bola.

As if you're worth experience. Please. Don't make me laugh.

And you're one to leak at the hot air vent about issuing challenges post failed jump. The only jump I've ever seen you make is that prodigous leap into the nearest tree-top or temple; but I'm not smaller than you, now am I? Those smaller than you seem to get a different treatment, as your great and ponderous bear ass comes squarely down upon their heads when you feel like jumping.

And you have the AUDACITY to claim that someone else doesn't have the right to talk about prowess? I think the only people in Avalon who have less fighting prowess than you are quite possibly the eternal pacifists. The rest of us treat you as the laughingstock that you are and act accordingly.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Eleuthral, in the year 1210.