And Abydos.

You honestly think anyone will read your novels on the public Abydos? I managed to get half way through your first \"findings\" about Avalon without falling asleep but then had to simply ignore it along with your latest spate of nonsense.


Go back and read the quote I posted in fighters bb 4585. Leaving the land in a fit of teenage angsty rage, screaming at the top of your lungs that which isn't true or only half-truths is the weak way out.

This is a realm of strife, conflict, combat and adversity. You, however, seem to think its necessary to sit around chatting with your enemies. When I wake in the realm, I'm in a war Krill. Those I fight have wronged me or mine and deserve no quarter. I have no desire to sit around comparing notes respecting all my enemies after I kill them/they kill me. This, I feel, would detract from the experience of warfare and the high emotions that go with it.

Personally, my life has improved exponentially after the change to etells. Now that messages don't get through either, the verbal abuse I receive (and in all fairness, send) is near non-existent. I strongly recommend it to those among us who seem to have issues with the occasional trash talk or those who fight after too many corneliusfollies at the local Tavern (like me, very often).

I see you venting your frustrations on the boards, posting about quitting, and how evil people like myself and my comrades in arms are driving you away from this realm?

Stop for a short minute and consider the implications behind that statement. I, and others, are causing you enough pain in this realm that its affecting you in the other. How do you suppose that makes us feel? Do you honestly (and really really think about this before you answer) think that any of us are purposefully trying to drive away everyone from this realm?

The \"I quit because so-and-so is so mean to me\" tactic has been used through the ages. And every single time I've thought it to be a last ditch effort to grief the \"cause\" for your departure, hoping the Divine would punish them for their horrendous acts on you and are driving you away from the lands.

Leave the land if you must, and this goes for you too Narissa and the ever tiresome Abydos. But atleast be man/woman enough to admit that YOU are making that choice on your very own. Nobody is there twisting your arm, forcing you out, keeping you from logging in. You are making the decision to bail and abandon not only your city but the realm too as a whole.

Apologies for some parts not making sense fully. Its far too early to think straight. I do hope you get the general idea of it though.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1155.