A few quotes from a nut case.

SSS Enemy Seductress Sajora, Forever of the Eveto Everyone

Because I can't sleep and got free time and some logs I thought I should share some of Abydos's more lovable quotes before people might be confused on the state of her sanity and why few will mourn her passing. Edited for language. (Warning not meant to be seen by children or the more sensitive)

Her Silly Threats

Abydos tells Sajora, \"I'll make sure to kill every little ranger I see because of you\".

Abydos says, \"Because I will start getting people to team strip you\".

Corsair Abydos tells you, \"I'll see you tommorrow, with many more people\".

Corsair Abydos tells you, \"I'll continue to issue you challenges, and each time you fail to answer it, I will team you\".

Corsair Abydos tells you, \"How about I just find out where you live and **** you in the ass? \".

The worst threat of them all

Corsair Abydos tells you, \"I like boring you\". -and the rest of Avalon it seems

Her lovely attitude towards her then city mates.

Abydos and Narissa - Meow

Ship's Cat Abydos tells Kitty, \"You're welcome then, you ****ing bitch\".

Ship's Cat Abydos tells Kitty, \"Go and ****ing die for all I care, I'm in no mood for your ****ing shit\".

Ship's Cat Abydos tells Kitty, \"Oh shove your log up your ass, you could use a good one up there\".

Abydos and Nighteagle

Abydos says, \"What is the damn syntax to unoath your ass\".

Abydos says, \"Dick\".

Abydos says, \"Shut up Nimrod\".

Abydos says, \"You damn retard\".

Abydos says, \"And I see you now for the buck-passing two-faced ****head you are\".

Her fascination with certain sex acts.

Your rune-bug picks up words; Corsair Abydos tells Sajora, \"When zenichiro ****'s you in your tight sphincter, let me know how it feels\".

Corsair Abydos tells Sajora, \"Cause i want to watch\".

Corsair Abydos tells Sajora, \"You like it in there don't you? \".

Corsair Abydos tells Sajora, \"Now shut your tight hole... Not the loose one down there\".

To Artecspirit

Corsair Abydos tells an enormous black bear, \"Suck my **** then faggot

Corsair Abydos tells an enormous black bear, \"And then take it in the ass the way I'm going to give it to you consistently from now on\".

Hope you find a nice room with pink soft walls and soothing music to help quell the insanity Miss intellectual combatant.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Skyelong, in the year 1155.