You never could cope with the tactics...

Actually I don't recall ever dying to the roof top tactics except maybe once when there were also rituals up there keeping me from just moving down and one location over. The ones who were picked off were of course the small fighters of springdale trying to defend themselves. It's easy to go into Parrius and Thakria and take out 3-4 half sized guys on your own but you won't see me bragging about it. I do remember how when you and Narissa did that one night when it was just me and Pahn on I kicked her d

own, Pahn pushed her through the staves to her death me and you were fighting in the mission and I hear this tell from Narissa to you. \"Nice fucking plan Krill now I'm fucking shipping! \"

I wonder who is the one being abused but secretly likes it.

We all know how some folks rise to power in an empty city. They go well that guy seems old, fights well, and has been active. Lets have him do it. Parrius hasn't managed to keep any of their small players which are coddled around longer to that of mid sized. Rath, Rhigani, Toranth, Suphur, Mojo, all gone or off to other cities. Mojo and Abydos only were fighter assets briefly until losing so many odd fights here and there bruised their egos so bad they had to keep going pacifist or inactive.

As for the steeds, as soon as Narissa did her bone headed kidnapping steeds thing to me she soon learned that is a very very bad idea. You offering my steeds in revenge to hers was also a very bad idea yourself. And I've only done that rarely.

The mean things I do is to make a point that when you do it yourself you get a nice taste, not to purpously grief or annoy.

As for bringing others into this like Zenichiro or whoever I've fought with in the past seems a petty attempt to grasp at straws and find things to insult and hurt folks with. Out of all your the years you've known me have I ever been the sort to flirt or try to manipulate folks? Ever catch me in stock rooms making kissy kissy faces to folks? or do you expect all women to behaive like your own which is to flirt with any thing male to get some sort of ego gratification. Is suddenly all the male players

I fight with including your own citizen Diocletian somebody I'm secretly plotting the demise of. Grow up

Written by my hand on the 24th of Paglost, in the year 1155.