Your behaviour.

So to sum up, you don't strip or team or even your enemies, unless they are your enemies?

The point about having any beliefs that set you above the most base follower of darkness, the point about the rhetoric and alignment with light and (one supposes) justice, is that you behave better than your enemies.

For you, honour is what, something you abandon the moment you have the opportunity?

Because honestly, you did this when you last were around much too. That ended not because you started to be nice, but because the tides turned just a little and more often than not there were fairer teams set against you.

Now, your city has lots of fighters around a lot. You claim victories which are won through brute force and sheer numbers, then you try and compound those victories by the most appalling behaviour, sadism, stripping, which is afforded by this opportunity of numbers.

The choices you offer (summed up: \"submit or die\") are worthy of any sadist you would like to mention from the past years, people you once hated and fought.

Your option c) being the humourous exception as it is so patently false: how long ago was it you were declaring you would be trying to drive Mithrandil from the game because he parted water for his own city? Is merely opposing you a manner that doesn't warrant respect in a foe?

I suggest Dunccan that if you value respect towards your foes, you show just a little bit of it yourself.

An interesting way to judge someone is to see how they treat their enemies. If you can find any enemy of yours willing to vouch for your honour, your adherence to any kind of principle that you claim to follow, I'd be very interested to find out who that is...


Written by my hand on the 26th of Cloudburst, in the year 1155.