examining actions.

First of, lets clear up one thing, many things I may be, 'cocky' is certainly

not one of them. I am painfully aware of any limitations which I am afflicted


As for the rest of your post, it isn't worth the space it is written on.

The heavens know, since returning as a Cavalier I have been as Chivalrous as

ANY Knight or Paladin I have had chance to encounter (excepting perhaps Strongbow)

which will undoubtedly be confirmed by Mercinaens and Springdalians.

I could proudly proclaim before Apollo and Castigere himself that there is more

honour and chivalry in my little finger than in your whole mortal coil.

Revel in Springdale's dominance whilst it lasts, Yes you do have a large following

providing all sorts of backup, such as being summoned away by Aryanna to your

temple when you are due to be shipped, yes slay my steeds repeatedly when I have

not touched yours, continue to use your cheap tactics and tricks that I

have never used on you, but beware. you are building up an emnity that will


I do not respond well to threats, and since you threaten to destroy me

(and my steeds) on sight because I dared help Parrius on one occasion. I shall

do so all of the time.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Cloudburst, in the year 1155.