You people just don't know when to stop lying.

I have had many an enemy from whom I never took anything, nor have I killed any enemy who did not provoke me with actions or words.

Yet again, you people just whine, you people take my nobility for granted, you want to be able to do what you want when you want to and suffer no concequences for it. I showed you krill, how many times you killed eloire and vargo, when the discussions were about killing people smaller than you, that shut you right up didn't it. I take stuff from narissa, the wench has broken into my guild, and stripped it of everything a dozen times.

I havn't stripped zakath. yet. And no zakath it wsan't aryanna who got me out, and I was in the temple for oh 2 secconds before i moved, you could have come to springdale to get me.

I did find a little something of yours on the ground, If you want it, you will agree to some anti teaming tenants, which is why this all started you. teamed. me, with a parrian. You can say whatever else you want lie as much as you want.

Both of you are getting your just deserts, both of you are ancient fighters older than even me, and both of you know the shit you have done.

Zakath you kidnapped and Ransomed Laslow and Kiku's baby as a Parrian Warrior.

Krill you used to setup BOX traps outside of pathentrance and they would take things from people mostly mercinaens as it is closest to their city.

Krill you used to attack thakrians just as avidly as I attack you

Saw you strip stuff with Allanon a couple times too krill. I think it was crazy thakrian princess gah whatsher name. You used strike on her while Allanon removed runes, and such. You are full of shit, sell your lies and hypocrite dribble for people who buy into that

I know what I am, I know my code, and I've always held true to that, I swore I would never strip zwartia or take anything from her again and I have remained true to that, people have asked me for quarter... Zwartia \"Leave me alone Dunccan. \" And I have, others have asked that too.

you are my enemies, your presence constitutes a threat to my homeland, I can be civil to a civilized fow yo did NOT show any civility to me the day you could team me

Again I say to you two clowns, I don't need to team you, 90% of the time I die to either of you is when i'm being teamed or during a team fight, both you bozo's are pretty crap, no imagination I can script a fight with you krill from start to finish in my head.

Both of you can refrain from posting to me untill you can beat me in combat. Thankyou

Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1155.