Typical jackass reply - public post 22201.

Ajato Sir Laslow, Knight Errant

I'm moving this one here as the public board is not the place to expose your hypocricy...

Once again, in your usual I'll-ignore-the-facts-and-serve-up-a-dig-instead manner, you have glossed over the point. YOU jumped and then enemied me to Mercinae for attacking Rath, who last I checked wasn't a citizen of your ghost town of a city, \"in your presence\". I spoke with Liara on the matter and promised her that no other Mercinaens would be targetted as long as they didn't attack me. I kept that promise for a while. But since you spend all your time sitting on your fat ass playing with your wick,

you had too much time and energy to let matters rest and continuned with your juvenile message sending, so I came after you in the city and in your temple nest. Funny how, yes you can kill me, you still ran to a stockroom and locked yourself behind two doors to get away.

Know this... You will never know a moments peace as long as I'm alive and walking these lands. Death is not a deterrent for me. I will hunt you til my hands bleed and every last resource at my desposal is exhausted. You'd be better off going back to being a pacifist poison-whore for all the use you have now.

Still Nekkid despite being unable to title myself thusly, Aja

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Leaflost, in the year 1147.