Your Lunacy.

Sir Laslow, Knight Errantto Aja

You have a truly selective memory. This all started because you attacked someone whom I happened to be teaching at the time. Rather than leave when I told you, or when I thrustkicked you out, you continued, whereupon I gave you a break and simply used shirolos to order you human, thrustkicked you again, and gave Rath an opportunity to get to safety. When that was done you came back, entered my loc and kept trying to attack me. Whereupon, being a citizen and being in my home city I branded you an enemy

pending the barons looking into the matter. Liara was gracious enough to lift the status because you promised you would cease attacking people within the city. The very next DAY you traversed to me in my patrons temple when I first came into the land.

You managed to die quite a few times yourself and not kill me at all. Later on you attacked me in Mercinae and conveniently leave out the fact that Esprii was attacking me at the same time. I chased her off then went into a stockroom to log off and eat, even going so far as to thank you for all the EXP and herbs you'd been dropping for me. For repeatedly attacking me in city you earned your enemy status. To this point I have been solely defensive, leaving you to determine the time and place of your dea

th to me. Because once I had respect for you and I certainly respect my former guild and its members and especially its Guildmaster. For the sake of those reasons I have granted you the benefit of time to cool off and find new wisdom for yourself and perhaps some sort of guidance for your behavior. Because of your slander and your lack of respect for the holy places of my patron, which you have plainly admitted to with pride in your post I am withdrawing the grace that I have thus far shown you.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1147.