Orielle, and whatever else huggy responded or is going to respond.....

Tim, do you even read posts before responding? at no point did I issue those challenges to you, I issued them solely to Sajora and Aja. Both of which won't even think about taking the challenge up.

Orielle, you're demented, plain and simple.

I never attacked you when you were Parrian, or when you were Thakrian, or did you forget you have turned your back on every city in the land at some point in your life?

And for the last time, Orielle, I kill all rangers, baring those on the lw list. I kill Sajora, I kill Elmak, I kill Aja, and I'll kill their young too. There is not a single young ranger I have killed that does not have sufficient guild skills to attack.

Sajora, while I may have felt pain, I certainly shed no tears. But my pain shall be relinquished with the blood of your brood and theie tears as their pitiful meaningless life expires before my feet.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1147.