and Pahn.

Ok, you numbnut (a little more colorful than the f bomb). It is at this point that I wished I had not erased my msgs, so I could copy and paste the trash you sent me that lead to my inability to hold my tongue.

And I think the f bomb is a very cleaver word of the language, it can be verb, subject, noun, adjective, just about anything, is there another word as diverse, I think not!

And to clear up something for both of you, I only kill your mounts when I have the chance, which is when you are ghosted.

In fact, Finbar, you go for mt mount every damn time I start jjing you, trying to weather my blows just to kill my steed.

As far as teaming goes, I have been teamed by you SD's since my return from my short absence. You even bring your littler citizens to Parrius and get them involved, and they wonder why I attack them.

Pahn, you are a flatout liar, I killed your eagle as you sat ghosted in my town. I am beginning to wonder if there is a prerequisite for older ST's to be blatant liars and deceivers.

Apologies once again to those ST's that still deserve some respect, although your numbers are dwindling as we speak.

Fibbing in a public forum is a poor tactic, even for the likes of you Pahn.


Written by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.