what happened today.....

Vice Admiral Blotto, the Red Tideto Everyone

Today, I was standing in the Grove when Pahn and Finbar jumped me. Not only did they throw abandon to the wishes of the ever generous animists, but they targeted my lowly parrot before they targeted me.

Poor Polly the 13th could not handle the onslaught and passed on. (takes a sip of rum in Polly's name)

Upon killing my prized pet, they then began to attack me as I sat meditating thinking on peaceful bliss. Needless to say they awoke me from my meditation, and began slaying my mounts.

When I retreated to my city, and they could not catch me, they began slaying every Parrian lw in the land, poor Phantomhope, I will miss him, or her, never found out which is correct.

They then began burning all the forest locations in the land, and declared loyalty to Pangyron in their hearts, as they supped tea with Orestes.

Oh wait, I was beginning to think this was the 'make up whatever you want to slander your enemy, even though none of what I say is true' board. My bad avalon.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.