Graciously Aplogized>.

As is typical of you, you vainly attempt to colour events with a brush dipped in

the morass of stupidy that is your brain.

I would assume, you know how to parley an eagle. My eagle was not in HS square,

I intentionally left in in the clouds, so either it followed you,or you attacked

it and it followed you. Again, parley eagle, or at a minimum DO NOT OFFER IT!!!!

As for graciously apologizing, lets look at your msges to me.

In her own words (appologies for the vulgarity, as they are printed verbatim)

Blotto: \"Sorry\"

Blotto: \"You are an asshole, I knew I shouldn't have gave you that money\"

Blotto: \"Shut the fuck up, I will remember the ungratefulness. You pissant\"

Blotto: \"Fuck you bitch\"

Blotto: \"Feel free, I paid you for that eagle, you idiot. Now fuck off\"

Blotto: \"You're an ungrateful piece of shit. \"

Blotto: \"You fucking idiot, Dunccan told me 1K. Talk to him, fuckface\"

I would suggest you learn another verb or adjective, something more colourful

than fuck.

You are, and have been, along with Gaar, the worst teamer and mount slaying offerer

ever to walk these lands. You typically do nothing more than, as Pahn aptley put,

gun for a mount, offer it, then run and hide. That you did so knowing I was in

a mutual challenge, then paid me some coin tells me one of two things. Either, you

think it fine to interfer in challenges if money is paid (i can play that game) or

even you recognize what you did was wrong, out of line, beyond the pale, and merely

the action of a frustrated, useless bag of hot air and you actually felt stupid

for it.

Either way, you will recieve no courtesy from me whatsoever, whether you be in

a challenge, duel or on dp. You crossed the line, and I will now join you on

the other side. And, as has been the case, you will find, I will better you

in this endeavor as well. In the end, when you bemoan your pathetic existence

you will have only one person to blame -- yourself.

Written by my hand on the 24th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.