Read carefully.

The post to which you initially responded had nothing to do with Mercinae. That

you would argue that the presence of a treaty between Mercinae and Parrius make

you anything other than puppets is laughable.

The truth is, you sought the advantage of a treaty with Mercinae when Parrius citizens

newly arrived from Thakria, Coronia, and one even from our fair city, decided that

repeatedly killing Springdalians was good sport.

Further to this, Parrius did indeed raize Springdale when they recieved into their

citizenry outsiders who -- like the current group of ex patriots, took over the city

to form it in the likeness of Thakria.

While the shuffle of strong willed if misguided roll of Citizens suffers from a

chaotic and ever changing roll call, one thing has remained. That one thing has

been the attitude and behavior of Parrius toward Springdale, which at best was

antagonistic and arrogant, and at worst was destructive.

I for one, never called Parrian citizens pathetic and insignificant. I call them

what they are, good lap dogs.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.