Let me clear up misunderstanding for you.

I did attack you in a challenge, once I was realized it was a challenge, I promptly stopped and graciously apologized to both you and Threap. My apologies again for that.

As for your eagle, it was sitting in Hellespont, attacking me, while you were in a challenge, so I killed it. It is not my fault you can't tame your pets.

Regardless, after hearing incessant whining, I paid you money for that eagle, in which you spat in my face as I handed over the gold.

Later down the road that day, I had divine protection, you then came in, killed my eagle, and offered it.


And you dare question my behavior? That is downright pathetic. Even after I turned my pride away, and repaid one of my most hated enemied, you still showed no appreciation, and then did the same act to me.

And I hate to inform you, but our invasion into ST was based on the fact that you used seer influence to rob every shop, house, and guild in town. You brought in on your own shoulders. You can point fingers all you want, blame whomever you want, it is your fault that invasion ever happened.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.