read my dear boy.

I know you are a knight so literacy is not a valued skill but did you read my post. I spoke of our neutral to friendly relations with Mercinae not Springdale.

Excuse me that I had forgot the resentment Springdale harbors over being crushed by Zenichiro's dictatorship Parrius. That Parrius no longer exists and very few citizens of that time remain that we have forgotten it.

As for my own history, your ignorance clearly shines through. I did not even come straight from Thakria to Parrius but instead joined the illustrious city of Pirates when a venture of mine not concerning cities at all fell through. At the time Parrius simply needed me more and I didn't fit in with the new Thakria being formed under Nostradamos.

Springdale continues to live in denial that you had any cause for at all for recent developments between our cities. On top of that you continue to call our city and citizens insignificant and pathetic. How can anyone your city view as insignificant and of no consequential threat start a war?


Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.