Parrian Puppets.

At worst neutral? You are in denial my friend. Indeed, while neutrailty may

be a charachteristic of the newer citizens of Parrius, it is not even remotely

a charachteristic of the elder Parrians, yourself included. An example, of late,

was one of your captains rushing to the aide of Threap when I attempted to dispatch

him from a challenge. This same captain slew my mount during this mutual challenge.

It prompted Threap to even comment that he tires of her synchophatic ways.

The responsibility of the soured relations between our cities fall squarely on

the shoulders of Parrius who, true to form, raized Springdale under the leadership

of a stalwart Thakrian. Where were you a citizen before you were dispatched to

serve some function to Parrius?

Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.