Parrian and Thakrian current relations.

Indeed we have found a common ground again that hasn't always been there but to call us a puppet state? If we were just a puppet state surly we would constantly be harrassing and threatening Mercinaen borders. However we have a firm treaty with that city that has been a continual renewed basis for several years now and our player relation at worst is neutral and at best is friendly among many citizens. Parrius has no wish for this to change, we enjoy our Mercinaen neighbors and the peace we have. S

urly a puppet state of Thakria would not participate in this.

It is just your city we despise and even that is a strong word because Parrius did not nor does not despise all of your city and has respect for several members (Galadriel, Gandalph, Tazius and Allanon come to mind as some Parrians have expressed respect for) it is just a certain element that we all have come to despise from that city and a shame it has so soured relations.

As a disclaimer we recognize some but defintly not all responsibility falls on our shoulders for the soured relation.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Ilmarael, in the year 1132.