first off, what the hell is a bunny boiler.....

Your facination with bunnies is becoming quite scary.

Maybe that is what has left you so soft.

As far as your rantings, let put it into words that you can't contort to sound like I have anything other than disdain for you..... Every time you come out of your hole in SD, I will kill you with my swords, in your gut.

And I refer you to the 'members' command, look and see you have smaller Paladins that are active, all of which are better fighters than you, including the lws. I was probably off on my percentage, it is probably more like 97% of your guild fights better than you.

As far as Dunccan and Finbar, they have earned my respect fighting, not necessarily in public relations. Besides I kill them just as much as they kill me.

If I were either of them, I would be embarrased to have you as a GM, but that is their problem, not mine.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Eleuthral, in the year 1129.