Who are you again?

I remember how you stripped you and flagg jumped me in kenkria once and forced me to blow up my swords i didn't even have one ult.

PLEASE come out of your temple, Avalon will crash with the spam of you dying over and over and over and over, you are sad, and old and pathetic, like a toothless dog. Hey when did you move to parrius? Weren't you a parrian prince once before? Didn't you leave that city as soon as you used its armies to attack mercinae?

Please plaman you were once upon a time not pathetic, do you remember what single combat is? I'm offering parrius a chance to get out this koenen enduced frenzy you have every able boddied fighter in springdale in. Not just me.

Don't threaten me either you can't strip me you koenen and however many pathetic morons you send at me can't strip me you may be able to get a weapon off me between the lot of you, cowardly pathetic idiots that you are, but never strip me. Now I posted an amnesty, I asked for peace and for honor

What do I get i get slapped in the face and insulted, fine plamy i'll just add you to my list of people to kill at least Orinoko put up a fight. I always wanted to get back at you for taking my pouch when i was a youngin, and now i'll have the chance.

My question is to the rest of Parrius do you feel the same? Do you still feel that you need Plaman? What has he done exactly for parrius for that matter what did orinoko do or ender? Nothing, their legacy is poor, pathetic, Koenen.

I'm done posting on parrius.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Ilmarael, in the year 1128.