Too funny.

You so love to live in the past. I at least recognize we are in the present and yes at the moment I have lost alot of my bite. Perhaps that will be corrected perhaps not.

I also know with some of the ridiculous new skills how hard it is to strip a knight and you are e njoying that fact taking out retribution or your version of justice on those who can be stripped. How well sad it is.

You offered no amnesty peace or honor. Have you been so twisted by your torments as a youth that you can't even see the difference now? You told, not asked, Parrius that you will attack Koenen. Which is fine as he is a fighter and I would expect no less. However you also told Parrius you don't expect its citizens to protect a valuable member of its community when you attack within the city, and go on to threaten you will rob and kill them. Last I checked robbing and killing those who are smaller t

hen you and defending their city isn't any kind of form of justice just retribution and vengance(which by the way is fine but not when it is cloaked as justice rhetoric).

Your city has been approached by Parrius time and again. We will defend our own in combat. We will return the favor of slain men and robbed things as best we can. We do not take ultimatums from mere mortals no matter their station or what they think of their prowress.

tolerance sum up Parrius wants war with no city but neither will we take our citizens being slain inside our walls without helping them no matter where the attacker is from. Nor will we restrict our fighters on who th ey choose to fight. However Parrians are fairly honorable and I will take complaints of any Parrian stripping players, particularly smaller ones and deal with that.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Ilmarael, in the year 1128.