Parrius's offer to you.

Parrius offers you the chance not to attack in our city and to feel the wrath of Parrius when you do.

You have made offers to Parrius thats is true, however making those offers does not give you leniency to attack within our walls.

Koenen is a vital and important part of Parrius. Springdale and the Fedajoke or whatever's opinion of him means nothing to Parrius. By all means fight him, Koenen is a warrior but when you bring your problems into Parrius wether it be personal, for pleasure or for profit expect Parrius to come at you full force even if it is 20 to 1.

Parrius's day of being any cities puppet or of sitting back and languishing in anominity are over. You attack within our city you are going to be hit by multiple people.

And Dunccan thats great you claim you won't rob, however if I continue to hear Parrians tell me of how you and yours are taking items from them when they are defending their city I will make sure the favor is returned. I may be old I may be rusty but trust me when I say I have a few tricks of my own and I have not forgotten how to strip though I choose not to.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Ilmarael, in the year 1128.