please cooler heads must prevail.

Blotto you insist on posting to me. Ofcourse nobody has tried to strip you, the one time you were on the recieving end of the stick you betrayed Kes, but that is ancient history.

I exist to remind people that fighting the good, doing injustice, that hurting those that have done nothing to you won't be tolerated. If 3 people attack me or 4 like last week in parrius I will ask them to leave, my fight is and always has been with koenen not the people of parrius. I have on multiple occasions tried to make peace with parrius.

Oh and blotto, taking your hammer one or two times, if you consider this stripping you REALLY have lived a charmed life. you don't understand the back breaking humiliating experience that some of us had to endure with threap, zenichiro, and babidi.

Oh one more thing, wasn't it I who returned that same hammer I took from you back? You are just an ungratefull wench.

As per parrius, I won't kill yer men, I won't attack any citizen of parrius excepting koenen unless I am attacked. If I am forced to fight multiple opponents I will take something from you to pay for my expense as it is expensive in lestagii and other things to fight mulitples, however I will not hound you, even silly disrespectfull youths who insist on posting on matters they do not understand.

This is my offer, to parrius, and to thakria, if you don't want to get stripped don't strip, period. I don't speak for anybody but my order and the Fedaykin but I am sure that nobody wants to strip we just do it in retaliation.

An amnesty from stripping, how bout it, we just all stop cold turkey, and have a little bit of honor. I mean you thakrians are even scared of it too, because when I ghost kodiak he virtually spams intolerance. Afraid of some retribution I guess.

Let cooler minds prevail, let us stop the stripping, let us rekindle the spark of virtousness so we may all have the roaring fire of honor within our souls. Let strippers be the criminals and the deviants not the norm. Let those who bully people kill them over and over and over every time they can be the parias of Avalon.

Let Avalon grow.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1128.